600 Series Electric Strikes


  • 600 Electric StrikeFail-Safe
    Fail-safe strikes default to an unlocked state when power is removed, and power must be continuously applied to maintain a locked condition. These strikes have more limited application and are thus less frequently installed. Fail-safe electric strikes may not be used on fire doors, because they do not ensure positive latching.  
  • Summary

    Electric strikes are a cost effective alternative for applications where electrified lock mechanisms are not practical. Electric strikes are one of the main ingredients of every access control system whether it’s a commercial building, school, hotel, hospital or the administration wing of a correctional facility.  
    Fail-secure strikes default to a locked state when power is removed, and will unlock to allow access when power is applied. Electric strikes for fire-rated doors designed to stop or slow fire progression must be fail-secure to ensure positive latching.
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