• Bollard Posts control access

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  • Summary

    There are cases where entrances do not have available mounting space for a wall switch and access controls. Using a bollard post is a practical solution for these special cases. A full list of customizable options are available, see below.

    Product Features

    6” square aluminum

    Removable aluminum top cap

    Single-gang mount

    Item #: 6SQ


How To Order

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Ordering Guide
  • Specifications


    6.00″ x 6.00″ x ( 36″, 42″, 48″, 59″)


    Marine 5052 Type Aluminum(standard)


    CA: Clear Anodized

    WH: White

    BK: Black

    BL: Hospital Blue

    DB: Dark Brown


    Contact us for details 718-401-4006 contact@deltrexusa.com