Electric Strike Applications


1. Push Plate Control Switches and Other Button Actuators Integrate Perfectly


  • Inner office door by a receptionist behind a window or desk. To release the door, he or she merely has to press a button under the desk.

2. Fail-Secure = Always Locked


  • A fail-secure electrified lock secures any door it’s installed under. When The power of the building is cut, the designated doors are unlocked.

3. Card Reader Communication


  • Card Readers communicate with the electric strike just as easily as any push button. Permitted employees can enter a workplace through a common door equipped with a card reader.

4. Privacy Applications with Emergency Options


  • Dormitory room and bathroom applications where there can be privacy but someone has the authority to open in an emergency.
5. Secure Laboratory Assests


  • A laboratory room where at night the deadbolt can be thrown but in an emergency the door can be unlocked.
6. Nursing Homes


  • Nursing home rooms offering privacy but in emergency situations the door can be unlocked.
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