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    Product Options

    • SLH – Adjustable contact and magnet for loose fitting doors with slotted mounting holes offering ‘External’ adjustablility feature.
    • UL – UL Rated

    Product Features

    • Ideal for high security applications
    • Balanced, triple-biased features make defeat of switch virtually impossible
    • Fits standard ANSI door cut-outs

    Product Specifications

    • Voltage – 50 V AC/DC max
    • Current – 0 .5 A max
    • Power – 2.5 W max
  • Summary

    Specifically designed for high security applications in prisons, military installations, government facilities, and commercial operations the 2757 Series Magnetic Contacts are virtually impossible to defeat . Total encapsulation coupled with recess mounting prevents access to the switch and to cabling, and prevents tampering with an external magnet. These contacts are factory calibrated for operation in steel and are not subject to sticking or freezing on seldom-used doors. In addition, the 2757 Contacts are adjustable for use in loose fitting doors.

    Item #: 2757