• 117 Series Hands Free Switch

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  • Summary

    #117 Series touchless actuator consist of a 2-gang back plate.

    Product Features

    Passive infrared exit switch

    Designed to reliably release magnetic locks

    Automatically cuts power to the lock, allowing the individual to exit without even realizing that the door is secured

    Item #: 117

  • F117

    1-gang box

  • 117 Series Hands Free Switch


    2-gang box

  • Finishes

    CA: Aluminum

    BK: Black

    RD: Red

    WH: White

    GR: Green

    BL: Blue

    CU: Custom Finish


    Engraving Available in Spanish, Japanese, French, Arabic, Portuguese and Chinese.

    Contact us for details.

    718-401-4006 contact@deltrexusa.com

  • Engraving Color

    CA: Aluminum

    BK: Black

    RD: Red

    WH: White

    GR: Green

    BL: Blue

    CU: Custom Color

  • Engraving Options

    E00: No Engraving

    E01: Exit

    E04: Emergency

    E15: Emergency Door Release

    E26: Wave to Open

    E27: Wave to Open w/ HCP Logo

    E41: Request to Exit

    EH2: HCP Logo

    ECE: Custom Engraving