(Formerly Part #908)                                                                                                        Single Door, Normally Closed

The #901A system (formerly #908) provides an economical solution for small systems. The door is normally-closed, meaning that it will always be locked unless the user opens the door with the keypad. A Push Plate Control Switch should be installed on the inside room to grant access back to the outside. This unit can be configured to function with one door.

The following items should be used with the 901A-System:

  • pp6 power supply


    Access Control and Power Supply

    1 each

  • digikey keypad part

    210 Indoor

    Digital Keypad

    1 each

  • Electromagnetic Lock 1500 lbs


    Magnetic Lock

    1 each

  • door contact part


    Door Positioning Switch

    1 each

  • 600


    Electric Strikes

    1 each

  • CHOOSE 1

    f106 push plate control


    Push to exit Switch Plate

    1 each

  • CHOOSE 1 425 DREX


    Request to exit

    1 each

NOTE: In order to get an accurate price for our system, please take in account for all doors needed for your project and the products featured on this page. Questions?

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