Mantrap Without Authentication

Doors are normally unlocked.

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Both doors are normally unlocked. Enter or leave the mantrap through any door. While one door is open, the other door is locked. This mode would typically be used as an airlock or a two-door vestibule where there should be no free flow with both doors open.

Mantrap door, airlock or sally port is an interlocking security door system designed to deny access to unauthorized personnel.

Can be used in a stand-alone structure or used in conjunction with a building access system.

Applications: airports, banks, health care facilities, data centers, security vestibules, clean room environment, cannabis cultivation facilities, jewelry stores, buildings to prevent access of unwanted people, to prevent “piggybacking” or “tailgating” and ensure only authorized personnel pass through a security entrance.

The following items are needed in the 902B-System:

  • pp6 power supply


    Access Control and Power Supply

    1 each

  • f106 push plate control


    Push Plate Door Control Switch

    2 each

  • Electromagnetic Lock 1500 lbs


    Magnetic Lock

    2 each

  • door contact part


    Door Positioning Switch

    2 each

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