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  • Summary

    J109 Series jumbo push plate consists of a 5.00″ x 5.00″ push plate switch control mounted in a steel box. A full list of customization options are available including handicap symbol engraving.

    Product Features

    Furnished with fire-proof intumescent material

    Push Plate is ¼” Marine Grade Aluminum

    Powder-coated steel box

    Non-binding internal stainless steel screws

    Handicap symbol available

    Tested for 1,000,000 cycles

    Item #: J109

  • Finishes

    CA: Aluminum

    BK: Black

    RD: Red

    WH: White

    GR: Green

    BL: Blue

    CU: Custom Finish


    Engraving Available in Spanish, Japanese, French, Arabic, Portuguese and Chinese.

    Contact us for details.

    718-401-4006 contact@deltrexusa.com

  • Switch Types

    SPDT: Momentary

    DPDT: Double pull double throw Momentary

    PNUM: Pnuematic Time-Delay Switch

  • Engraving Color

    CA: Aluminum

    BK: Black

    RD: Red

    WH: White

    GR: Green

    BL: Blue

    CU: Custom Color

  • Engraving Options

    E00: No Engraving

    E01: Exit

    E02: Push to Exit

    E03: Push to Open

    E04: Emergency

    E07: Push for Help

    E08: Push to Lock

    E09: Push to Unlock

    E11: Push to Sound Alarm

    E15: Emergency Door Release

    E22: Push to Exit w/ HCP Logo

    E24: Push to Open Door w/ HCP Logo

    E32: Push to Operate Door w/ HCP Logo

    E41: Request to Exit

    EH2: HCP Logo

    ECE: Custom Engraving

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