Interlock, 2 Doors Access Control with Power Supply, 1 door locked and 1 door unlocked

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One door normally locked and One door normally unlocked.

Open door 1 with Key, Keypad, Fab, etc door 2 remains locked until door 1 is closed and locked. Open door 2 with Push switch, door 1 cannot open until door 2 is closed and locked.

Emergency push switch unlocks both doors.

902C power supply includes a fire panel emergency switch interface module (ERI). No need for additional specification. 

The following items are needed in the 902C-System:

  • pp6 power supply


    Access Control and Power Supply

    1 each

  • f106 push plate control


    Push Plate Door Control Switch

    2 each

  • Electromagnetic Lock 1500 lbs


    Magnetic Lock

    2 each

  • door contact part


    Door Positioning Switch

    2 each

NOTE: In order to get an accurate price for our system, please take in account for all doors needed for your project and the products featured on this page. Questions?

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