9800 Delayed Egress Controller (DEC)

  • Delayed Egress Controller (DEC)

    Delayed Egress Controller (DEC)


Delayed Egress Controller (DEC) is Bluetooth enabled, wall mounted egress monitor/controller allowing locking of certain doors for an additional period of 15/30 seconds (selectable) after the 0/1/2 seconds nuisance delay. DEC has built in fire alarm input to automatically unlock door as needed. The iLDA is suited for use in schools, hospitals, airports, daycare centers, courthouses, office buildings and all others seeking to secure non-lockable security doors. Five programmable inputs and four programmable outputs are built in and configured via mobile device. Door forced/ held open/ bypass status are programmed. Refer to iLDA’s brochure for additional information. RS-485 port allows for additional communication/ management by OEM partners.