Why Become A DeltrexUSA Associate?

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DeltrexUSA Associates

Product Guarantee Of Up To 3 Years

Every DeltrexUSA product comes with a manufacturing guarantee up to 3 years. This ensures the highest quality and gives you peace of mind when installing our products.


Our support engineers are available to you on the phone, email or skype to help you with any installation issues you may have. You will communicate with our very experienced engineers directly.

All Round Solutions

The DeltrexUSA product range can accommodate an access solution from a single-door up to hundreds of doors. To find out about how our products can help your business, contact us today at 718-401-4006.

Why Become A DeltrexUSA Distributor?

DeltrexUSA Distributor

Support Team

With DeltrexUSA intelligent solutions guarantees, you can rely on DeltrexUSA range of access control products to require minimal after-sales service. Our support team is on hand to help with any queries that may arise, allowing you to focus on growing your sales.

Experience in the Industry

DeltrexUSA industry experience never stops growing, and we understand every market is different. Talk to us today about your specific needs and the unique challenges you face in your market.

Complete Solutions

From 1 door to 1,000s of doors, DeltrexUSA full range allows you to supply the smallest to the largest job with confidence in our versatile range of hardware and software access solutions.

Global Sales

Our export sales manager, Elias Wexler would be delighted to talk to you about stocking the DeltrexUSA range of products. Contact us today to find out more about how DeltrexUSA products can help grow your business.

DeltrexUSA Range

From one domestic door on your home, to a system with 1,000s of doors around the country, DeltrexUSA products can ensure you have the greatest peace of mind. Complete range including: Push plates switch controls, Intelligent local door alarm, Access control systems, Power supplies, Push button switches, Door control key switches, Visual status monitors, Electromagnetic locks, Electronic door readers, Power distribution modules.

Route to Market

Our products are sold through our network of distributors across the United States, Middle East and Far East with open territories still available. OEM accounts are welcome.

Industry Experience

Our wide ranging industry experience allows us to keep developing the latest products in access control, ensuring you are always getting the best possible solution for your home or business.


DeltrexUSA has many industry partners, Garrett, ITG Larson, Core-Teck, and SilentUSA.


DeltrexUSA products have been installed with confidence across industries. Trusted by names you know. Contact us today for further information.

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