Mantrap with Authentication

Doors are normally locked.

All doors are locked. Door One goes from an outside area into the mantrap, and Door Two goes from the mantrap into an inside/protected area. In order to enter into the mantrap through Door One, you need to engage the corresponding request-to-unlock contact.

This can be done through the relay output of a card reader, keypad, or a remote switch pressed by a security guard. The same goes to enter the protected area from the mantrap through Door Two. When exiting the protected area, a regular request-to-exit button or passive infrared detector would also work.

This mode would be used in something like a school entry hall, where authorized personnel can enter the outer door by presenting a keycard or code, which activates the request-to-unlock contact. Or a guard can buzz you in by activating a remotely installed button, which is wired to the request-to-unlock contact. While one door is open, the other door is locked to avoid free flow.

The following items are needed for the 902A- System:

  • 902A   

    Access Control and Power Supply

    1 each

  • Emergency Push Plate


    Emergency Push Plate Door Control Switch

    3 each

  • 375-L2 

    Visual Status Monitor with 2 LEDs

    3 each

  • door contact part


    Door Positioning Switch

    2 each

  • T108 push plate door control switch


     2-gang box

    2 each


  • T108 push plate door control switch


     1-gang box

    1 each

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