Shared Bathroom

Doors are normally unlocked.

The #903A system provides privacy and convenience for the occupants or users of a common bathroom between three residents’ room in dormitories, hospitals, nursing or convalescent facilities. No door can neither be locked or unlocked without the other two. DeltrexUSA’s exclusive lock-out protection circuitry prevents doors from being locked from outside the bathroom, or by closing all doors after exiting the bathroom.

The following items are needed for the 902A- System:

  • 902A   

    Access Control and Power Supply

    1 each

  • Emergency Push Plate


    Emergency Push Plate Door Control Switch

    3 each

  • 375-L2 

    Visual Status Monitor with 2 LEDs

    3 each

  • door contact part


    Door Positioning Switch

    2 each

  • T108 push plate door control switch


     2-gang box

    2 each


  • T108 push plate door control switch


     1-gang box

    1 each

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