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    853WP: Waterproof Box

  • Summary

    The 853 series magnetic door holders are expertly designed so all  you need to do is open the door and a strong magnet will keep it open until you close it. The built-in bumper will help absorb the shock of the door.

    Product Features

    For use with door closers to control the release and closing of residential, commercial, and public area doors

    • Adjustable armature plate reduces installation time and adjusts to door alignment changes

    • Surface-mount or flush-mount models available

    • Fail-safe operation

    • Holding force

    • 3 voltages: 12/24 VAC/VDC, and 120VAC

    • Extension bars available: (13mm, 19mm, 25mm, 50mm)

    • Cast aluminum faceplate

    • No residual magnetism for easy release

    • Built-in voltage spike suppressor

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  • SpecificationsMagnetic Door Holder