• 852 Security Door

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    852WP: Waterproof Box

  • Summary

    The 852 series magnetic door holders are mounted on the ground. The bumper will absorb the shock of the door swinging open and will keep it open until you close it.

    Product Features

    For use with door closers to control the release and closing of residential, commercial, and public area doors

    • Includes mounting floor bracket

    • Adjustable armature plate reduces installation time and adjusts to door alignment changes

    • Surface-mount or flush-mount models available

    • Fail-safe operation

    • Holding force

    • 3 voltages: 12/24 VAC/VDC, and 120VAC

    • Extension bars available: (13mm, 19mm, 25mm, 50mm)

    • Cast aluminum faceplate

    • No residual magnetism for easy release

    • Built-in voltage spike suppressor

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  • SpecificationsMagnetic Door Holder