F241 Series Heavy Duty Mortise Cylinder Key Switch are designed for high frequency and restricted area usage. They are operated by a standard 1-1/4” mortise cylinder. Available in a wide range of contact forms, configuration and operations.


  • Switch bracket assembly is welded to the back side of the front aluminum plate for stronger assembly.
  • Firmly soldered wire leads, full insulated protect and strengthen all contacts and leads.
  • 1-1/4” solid brass mortise cylinder for durability and long life with butterfly/parachute type cam for easy actuation, with less than 75 degree turn.
  • Meets all of the criteria of the FBOP (Federal Bureau of Prisons) technical design guidelines.


Item Number Description
F241 No lights, no switches
F241-1MOM 1 momentary switch
F241-1ALT 1 on/off switch
F241-2MOM 2 momentary switch
F241-2ALT 2 on/off switch
F241-1L 1 light (red of green- specify RD or GY), no switches
F241-1L-1MOM 1 light +1 momentary switch
F241-1L-1ALT 1 light +1 on/off switch
F241-1L-2MOM 1 light +2 momentary switch
F241-1L-2ALT 1 light+2 on/off switch
F241-2L 2 lights (one red one green), no switches
F241-2L-1MOM 2 light +1 momentary switch
F241-2L-1ALT 2 light +1 on/off switch
F241-2L-2MOM 2 light +2 momentary switch

2 light +2 on/off switch