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  • Summary

    149 series Vandal Resistant Buttons are electrical switches designed to be installed in a location and application where they may be subject to vandalism or tampering, as in the case of pedestrian crossing switches, public and industrial spaces or fraudulent or unauthorized use, as in the case of vending machine switches.

    Product Features


    All manufactured with rust resistant 1/4″ inch aluminum

    Non-binding internal stainless steel screws

    Tested for 1,000,000 cycles


    Item #: 149

  • D107 Vandal Resistant Push Button Switch

    D107 Vandal Resistant Push Button Switch

  • Ask about our Double-Gang Mount.

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  • Finishes

    SB: Sandblast

    RD: Red

    CU: Custom Finish

    CA: Clear Anodized

    DB: Dark Brown

    WH: Off White


    Engraving Available in Spanish, Japanese, French, Arabic, Portuguese and Chinese.

    Contact us for details.

    718-401-4006 contact@deltrexusa.com

  • Switch Types

    SPDT: Momentary

    DPDT: Double pull double throw Momentary

    PNUM: Pnuematic Time-Delay Switch

    WILS: Wireless

    TIMR: Dual-timer

  • Engraving Color

    RD: Red

    BK: Black

    GD: Gold

    WH: White

    CU: Custom Color

  • Engraving Options

    E00: No Engraving

    E01: Exit

    E02: Push to Exit

    E03: Push to Open

    E04: Emergency

    E07: Push for Help

    E08: Push to Lock

    E09: Push to Unlock Gate

    E11: Push to Sound Alarm

    E15: Emergency Door Release

    E22: Push to Exit w/ HCP Logo

    E24: Push to Open Door w/ HCP Logo

    E32: Push to Operate Door w/ HCP Logo

    E41: Request to Exit

    EH2: HCP Logo

    ECE: Custom Engraving

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