We Offer Diverse Products Of User-Friendly Electric Door Control Systems

We offer the most complete, diversified and comprehensive lines of user friendly electric door control systems, exit release, call buttons, electromagnetic locks, power supplies, monitoring device assembled hardware with complete simplified application solutions. All products are designed, developed and made in the USA. All Deltrex systems are code conforming and ADA compliant. They are consistently reliable, durable and long lasting. Milling and engraving is done at our factory, and as such, optionally, all plate types can be custom engraved with dealer’s name

The original founder of Delt-rex is, Irving Saperstein, recognized as the inventor of the electromagnetic lock and the founder of Locknetics in 1969. Irvin’s vast experience is of benefit to DeltrexUSA and our community of users.


Today the company is managed and guided by top industry leaders recognized as developers of high quality and performance product lines.

DeltrexOEM – under the leadership of Mr. Mehdi Daryadel DeltrexUSA offers specialized OEM Design services. We will design, develop and supply any control board to meet any and all specs, all made in the USA.

DeltrexAVI – under the OEM banner, DeltrexUSA is already offering Vehicle Access Control and Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) Barcode Reader. This Infrared Laser based reader can identify the Vehicle’s barcode at speed of up to 50 MPH.  DeltrexUSA’s Barcode AVI (Model ­­DLX – 4000) is the most compact and cost effective AVI barcode reader available today.

DeltrexIES DeltrexUSA offers CAD based Customized Engineering and Design Services, system analysis and validation and other specialized security integration needs. These services are offered as custom solutions to our network of dealers, suppliers and customers. For additional details, contact our main office and speak with one of our design services engineers.

SilentUSA – is the leading provider of Active Noise Reduction (ANR) Technology. The employed advanced technology produces an opposite sound wave in order to reduce your product noise energy level. For quieter and more energy-efficient “everything” – air conditioners, ventilation systems, appliances, cars, medical equipment, computers, whatever – SilentUSA has a solution!
The team at DeltrexUSA is dedicated to the success of its dealers and users. We invest heavily in cutting edge hardware and software aimed at delivering highly innovative solutions such as our intelligent Local Door Alarm (LDA) and Door Management Alarm (DMA) (Series 8200) as well as an innovative Access Doors Controllers (Series 9000).