• Description

    The iLDA device is typically installed by a free egress emergency exit perimeter door, and/or protected areas to conform with Life Safety Codes while maintaining building’s security. The iLDA is ideally suited for use in Schools, Hospitals, Airports, Daycare Centers, Courthouses, Office Buildings and all others seeking to secure non-lockable security doors.

    Easy to install and using distributed architecture, the iMTC is scalable from 2 to 8 protected doors. iPS is a networked or RS-485 managed power supply with built in graphic display, providing 4 managed output voltages with digital over-current breakers.

    Via Bluetooth, using the iLDA app installers and administrators
    can change configuration, timers, functionality etc as well as add/delete user’s key fob without the need to remove the unit off the wall. Remote monitoring and management of the iLDA is done from any stand-alone guard station or via the building’s access control system. Programming of the iLDA is from any mobile device.

    The iLDA can be configured and connected seamless to any access control or PLC system. The iLDA can be controlled via a Digital iButton key fob, via Mobile Bluetooth device and/or from a remote location/ access control system.

    iLDA 9900 uses an open architecture platform allowing for easy third party integration and thus is highly suitable for the OEM marketplace. iLDA 9900 is part of a family of integrated products that include the Intelligent Mantrap Controller (iMTC) and theIntelligent Power Supply (iPS).

  • Summary

    The Intelligent Local Door Alarm (iLDA) is an innovative Bluetooth enabled, flexible local door alarm controller/monitor. A full list of customizable options are available, see below.


    Easy installation

    Flexible functionality

    Supervised inputs

    Interface to any Access Control


    Heavy-duty aluminum

    Built-in EOL termination

    Bluetooth enabled

    Custom Finishes

    Item #: 9900

  • Finishes

    Sandblast, Red, Custom Finish, Clear Anodized, Dark Brown, Off White

    Contact us for details.