910 Monitoring Messenger


The #910 monitoring messenger 
is designed to keep receptionist area, school safety desks and other commercial applications updated with door conditions. i.e. If the door is open for too long, a red light and/or buzzer will activate. The timer function can be adjusted to signal a red light after 10 seconds.

Product Number                              # of Doors

910-1                                                    1

910-2                                                   2

910-3                                                   3

910-4                                                   4

910-5                                                   5

910-6                                                   6

910-7                                                    7

910-8                                                   8


The monitoring messenger can monitor 1 to 8 doors.

Designed for School Safety and hotel receptionist desk area

There is a timer function that allows the user to choose a set amount a time the door should be open before a red light is triggered informing the user that the door has been open for that set amount of time.


Door Layout

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